Pro Bono

Patent Hog – encouraging commercial innovation across society



What is Patent Hog?
Patent Hog is a pro bono initiative started in October 2014, with the aim of helping anyone who is ambitious to innovate in their spare time. We present Patent Hog every month at public venues. Each presentation summarises how to protect home-grown innovation, especially inventions that are potentially patentable or in some other way can be shielded for the benefit of the inventor or team of inventors. So far, these events have been well attended.

Why attend a Patent Hog meeting?
Innovation has many benefits and often more than one beneficiary. It gives employed workers more stimulation in their full-time jobs. It demonstrates initiative, and a willingness to compete. It can be lucrative, especially when the invention is protected. There is also the reality that public service employees and students should logically seek to gain extra income based largely on thinking. Subject to understanding your contract of employment obligations or the policies of your governing university on private, non-work time projects, part-time innovation can be very worthwhile.

“Entrepreneurial and hard working.”
Ex-Senior Partner and Head of Financial Services Regulation, Magic Circle Firm.