Are you a General Counsel?
Are you in private practice?
Are you a non-UK client?
Could you benefit from our China connections and expertise?
Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise?

Are you a General Counsel?
Yes. We are instructed directly by General Counsels, particularly in matters concerning court representation, arbitral representation, the negotiation of high-value contracts and the avoidance of litigation.
In our experience, General Counsels require external legal advisers who:

  • understand the client’s whole business, the context of specific business units or both;
  • produce long-term solutions based on the client’s priorities;
  • genuinely work to meet cost and time expectations; and
  • are easily contactable by telephone to summarise advice or other documents sent in writing.

Are you in private practice?
Yes. We are instructed by a wide range of Attorneys, Chartered Legal Executives and Solicitors. We aim to provide the same consistent standard of service and responsiveness to all.

We offer our services on the basis of agreed standard Terms of Business. These Terms of Business include the option of Time & Complexity billing. This form of alternative legal fee billing was developed in 2008 and calculates legal fees based on the type of work, its complexity and the notice given to complete the task. Time & Complexity billing was first published as a New Law Journal article by Iain Sheridan on 6 June 2008. We offer both traditional hourly billing and Time & Complexity billing.

UK Solicitors, we will remain open to working on the basis of alternative contractual terms, including the new standard terms prepared by the Bar Council and the specimen terms negotiated between the Commercial Bar Association and the City of London Law Society.

Are you a non-UK client?
Yes. We regularly receive instructions from clients outside the UK. Instructions often raise issues of English law, public international law, the law of other common-law jurisdictions, and cross-border disputes. Iain Sheridan has advised or represented the following businesses on international regulatory or dispute resolution matters: ABN AMRO, Bank of America, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments, Fox-Pitt, RBS and Société Générale. He has also gained valuable experience dealing with over 20 leading Financial Services regulators and stock exchanges.

In the Technology sector, his client instructions have been for, against or alongside the following companies: Accenture, Bloomberg, IBM, HP Autonomy, Orange Business Services, Intel, Lenovo, Thomson Reuters and Wall Street Systems.

Could you benefit from our Greater China connections and expertise?
We are a member of the China Britain Business Council (“CBBC”), contributing to high-level meetings on legal and tax issues affecting UK-incorporated businesses. Iain Sheridan has more than 20 years’ experience of Chinese culture, and has been an active member of the CBBC since 2007. Further, in 2009 he was one of the first two practising British lawyers to qualify in Chinese Taxation, and has an Advanced Diploma in International Taxation awarded by the Chartered Institute of Taxation. He is also qualified at the Chartered level in the tax jurisdictions of Hong Kong and Singapore. He has been fortunate to attend banquets in honour of Wen Jiao Bao, Li Ke Qiang, Yang Jie Chi and Wang Qi Shan.

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise?
Yes. Most of our instructions for business clients come from lawyers in private practice or directly from large Financial Services or Technology businesses. However, Iain Sheridan is also approved to accept instructions under the Bar’s Public Access scheme directly from individuals, partnerships or companies.

Time & Complexity billing
Whatever we are instructed to do, we recognise that our business clients require practical, prompt and high-quality advice. Further, many entrepreneurs cannot benefit from vital representation, especially in disputes, unless it’s cost-effective. As proof of our sensitivity to legal costs, in 2008 Iain Sheridan developed an algorithm that calculates legal fees on the basis of the type of work, its complexity and the notice given to start the assignment. Termed “Time & Complexity billing” this alternative legal billing system was first published as a New Law Journal article on 8 June 2008. We offer both traditional hourly billing and Time & Complexity billing.

Patent Box
A business that owns patents or develops a product that incorporates a patented invention can often benefit from a far lower annual corporate tax burden by applying the HM Revenue & Customs Patent Box regime. Patent Box allows qualifying companies to be taxed at only 10 per cent on profits derived from or incorporating patents.
The eligibility for Patent Box is wide, and covers the ownership or exclusive licensing of patents granted by the UK Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office and by the intellectual property offices of Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Sweden. If your company is planning how to maximise your business under Patent Box, we are well placed to assist you. Iain Sheridan has an Advanced Diploma in International Taxation awarded by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, and regularly advises clients who (a) own patents, and (b) manage or plan cross-border business operations in Europe and Asia.

“Bright and hard working. A deep understanding of MiFID II. Always willing to roll up his sleeves. Gets the work done.”
Director and GC, German Investment Bank